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Technical highlights
Prowise Touchscreen Ten

The very best image quality

4K Ultra HD IPS LG panel 
The educational content in your lessons (notes, visuals, videos) deserves to be played in the highest possible quality. The 4K Ultra HD IPS LG Panel guarantees the best possible viewing experience. Perfect image quality with tremendous colour accuracy.

Prowise Touchscreen Ten
Technical highlights
Mixing Panel
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Sound and microphones

2.1 Dolby Audio Soundbar 
The sound should be perfectly audible for everybody in the classroom. From the front row to the back of the classroom. The Dolby Audio certification of the speakers and subwoofer confirms the outstanding quality of the soundbar. In this way, the Prowise Touchscreen Ten is admirably suited to take an audio test, for example.

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Technical highlights
Prowise Touchscreen Ten
Technical highlights
Prowise Touchscreen Ten
MoveCamBody MoveCamCover (Copy)

3-in-1 MOVE camera 

The MOVE camera works like a normal webcam combined with the Microsoft Skype /Meet/Teams apps, already installed on the Touchscreen. This enables remote learning as well as the option to invite external specialists to address the class.


Our best writing experience ever

ProWrite Touchtechnology: Embedded in the glass plate

Display bonding: No gap between glass plate and LCD panel

Nanotexture: Texture etched into the glass provides a smooth writing experience

Software: ProNote has been specially developed for our own displays

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Technical highlights
Prowise Touchscreen Ten
NFC Card


Convenient front ports for quick touchscreen connection

  • Integrated docking station

  • USB-C: Just one cable for touch, power 60w, sound and video.

  • Two motion sensors: the screen turns on when you're nearby

  • NFC: log into your Windows environment with your card 

Technical highlights
Prowise Touchscreen Ten