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Presenter, training programs and devices
Free educational software
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What is Prowise Presenter?

Thanks to Prowise Presenter, lessons and presentations can be created quickly, easily and interactively. Presenter is packed with educational content and interactive options for teachers (instruction), groups (collaborative learning) and students (completing assignments). Consider, for example: images, videos, tools, Touch Table tools and 3D models, but also ready-made curriculum content, quizzes and mind maps.

New: Windows app with annotate!




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Entirely free

Prowise Presenter is now entirely free to use for everybody. There is no catch and no additional purchases are necessary to enjoy all of the unique benefits of Presenter. Every year, this saves school boards thousands of dollars. With an account, you can log in anywhere: onto the Prowise Touchscreen in class, the Chromebook in the library or the tablet at home.

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Unique teaching possibilities

  • Any time, any place, any device
  • Specially developed by and for educational purposes
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Essential features such as annotation and shaping
  • Media library
  • Educational tools and 3D tools for instruction and processing

  • ProConnect: first-class interaction with the Prowise Touchscreen
  • Touch table tools: make learning fun
  • Importing and exporting files
  • Use ready-made lessons compiled by education specialists
  • Share or open lessons in the community

What is MyProwise?

MyProwise is an online platform packed with free (UK) teaching material. Teachers can find ready-made lessons, curriculum content and instructional videos. MyProwise contains teaching material for all ages, teaching methods and subject areas. Teachers begin their day with MyProwise! 

The lessons have been created in Presenter, the free education software for which teachers and students can create a free account.

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